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Benefits Available To The ASA

Small Business

Whether you offer benefits today, or not, you have the ability to take part in a program that provides collective bargaining to help reduce the cost of your health benefits with richer coverages.


For those who do not want to offer benefits through the company, but still need coverage themselves as an owner.

It takes under 5 minutes to submit a quote.

Program Highlights

Health Plan Information

A custom program that utilizes collective bargaining to pool together employers and provide significant savings on corporate benefits at the same tier you would see in a Fortune 500 Company. 20-40% savings is typical.

Ancillary Benefits Information

With Benefits available ranging from Dental & Vision coverage, to Maternity Benefits, Short Term Disability Insurance, and Life Insurance. All with no underwriting and available to even an individual. Zero Employer contribution or participation requirements.

Get In Touch:

Brian Miller

(917) 765-5012 

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