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Expanding Your Benefits Offering

Voluntary benefits are services or products offered by employers to their workers, often at discounted rates, as a perk of employment. As the name implies, participation is optional, though many employees find voluntary benefits to be especially attractive, with 88% of employees view Voluntary Benefits as part of a comprehensive benefits package

Voluntary Benefits Breakdown

Fully Turnkey

Industry Agnostic

Large Potential Savings

Best In Class Provider Network

Additional Benefits Available

Customer Service Centric

Dental & Vision Provider Search

Our custom programs allow us to offer streamlined Dental & Vision programs to companies of all sizes, utilizing our collective bargaining approach, our plans typically show 20-50% savings compared to other small business programs.

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Unsure if your dentist is in network? Search our provider network to check now.

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Unsure if your vision provider is in network? Search our provider network to check now.

Additional Benefit Details

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More Information Coming Soon...

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